Sunday, March 4, 2012

:: loonggg week ::

what a hectic week lastweek.. 
aqeem not well the whole week.. 
and mommy have to on & off keje.. 
every single day last week half days.. 

nak off  terus ralat so many things happened at work.. 
so very tiring and longgg days over the past week. 

aqeem dah makin baik..
 work also repairable..arrangeable.. manageable. 
thanks to all my staff.. 
keep up the gud work olls 

and the visit from naza motor also went well! 
audits jugaks lah yg still pendinggggg.. 
entah bile kah titik noktahnya.. 
draggy my head to toe with the chaos..
lama2 punya cite masih xsettle2.. uwaaa 

Ya Allah!.. show me the way.. 
hopefully will be settle by end of this month. 
its a MUST! 

home alone now at home.. 
aqeem sihat jek berjalan2 ngan mok teh to putrajaya! 
dah berserabut bagai  tuh... 
shed la... with some therapies..

siap dah masuk ahli.. hihi
p/s : sesapa nk order boleh la.. hehe:)) 

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