Thursday, January 14, 2016

my sweet little girl

its been 6 months mommy being stay at home mum..
alhamdulillah.. so far so good..
ada obstacles here and there tu biasala kan..:))
terasa jugaks a bit boring sbb dah terbiasa bekerja..
tapi bila pandang wajah si jelita yang belum bersedia berdikari dan berpisah bagai dengan mommynya nih..
mommy pendam saje niat nk buat apa2..
amanda is soooo attached to mommy..
over hokey..
tahap poo together2 .. shower together2.. absolutely with door wide open.. sampai mommy forget bila ada org dlm rumah sbb dah terbiasa tak tutp pintu.. hadoi.. jangan pi umah orang buat macam tu sudah.. hahaha..
also solat with her sitting on my back or lappy.. or she intentionally baring in the middle of prayer mat.. or where ever mommy sujud.. supaya mommy sujud on her..

sabar saje lah anak..
dan kalau  nk minum pon mommy must be glued beside her.. not near..

tapi now after over half year duduk depan mata dia.. poo and shower together2 tu dah berkurang.. kekadang ok..
she felt secure enough to let mommy be alone dlm bilik air.. but door still must wide open..  she just come to bathroom check then continued playing

my sweet little princess.. alhamdulillah for being  everything in my life..
for growing being such a good and lovable person..
you are my everything..
she now 2 years 8 months old.. tapi sume org ingat she is 4 years old.. hihi
tinggi cam makbapak dia.. jgn chubby cam mak bapak dah.. huahuahua :P

cant imagine life without you both .. sigh*

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