Friday, August 7, 2015

:: Stay At Home Mother ::

Assalamualaikum all..

mommy has started being SAHM since last 30th July..
Alhamdulillah,, akhirnya ada keberanian untuk turn another pages in my life..
had no plan of working or businesses yet
tawakal 110%.. rezeki Allah pasti melimpah ruah kan..
doa dan usaha pasti ada jalannya kan..
lets gone be by gone..

xperlu cakap apa2..
yang penting my little cutie are soooo extremely very happy
that her  mommy's  stay by her side 24/7
Abang also so excited want mommy to be his driver.
and mommy definitely happy jgks because finally dapat rest think about others..

poket maybe akan kempis tapi semua benda2 lain look so very positive..
lagipon money can be find kan? happiness is more important..
anak2 is priceless..
thank you to the kiddos.. siapalah mommy tanpa korang berdua..
jadi im enjoying my moment now.. haha

its been 9 days already SAHM i am..
nothing much different cuma xperlu terkejar2 nk punchcard kan.. (selalu merah uwaa)
not really had my fullest rest yet..
will plan something soon..
for now mommy being busy as a driver, counselor, motivator, teacher, maid, housekeeper, cooker, doctor, manager, etc..

apa2 pon semoga segala yang dirancang membuahkan hasil lumayan..
like always kita hanya mampu merancang Allah yang menentukan..
no regret, no heart feeling..
once again thank you for giving me a chance to  have an early retirement..

bila2 dah boring2...  nanti baru fikir2kan apa nak buat..

further study also on my things to do list..
mommy can start with that kan?

tambah anak pon ada dlm list.. haha :))
will see ya!

daa guys..
see yo all when we see aite?


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