Wednesday, March 6, 2013

:: how baby come out ::

aqeem is so very excited with the baby coming out soon..
he be counting days.. and i feel so very touch about it..
semoga semuanya akan baik2 belaka..
masih dlm condition baby not too active in moving or kicking
mommy dah 3 4 kali pi scan when mommy become so worried
tp so far.. alhamdulillah
semalam dpt surat dr dr untuk go strait to labour room to check baby heart beat...
tapi mommy xpi lagi..
malam tp after work
baby agak active bt not too active
so ahri ada lagi appointment klinik
so we'll see lorr.. how eh..

main story yang nk cite today adalah
since abang dah xsabar sgt nk timang adik
so memacam soklan keluar
dan tak ketinggalan abang tanya
mommy, how baby will come out from your belly?
mommy been hesitate..
tak tau nk jawab apa..
and i just tell about how he came out
thru c-section..
and every single day he been asking about it..
keep telling people about it
did they use knife or laser?
it is red or green laser?
can he be with u in labor room?
and i feel guilty  not telling the best answer.
how actually to explain to a 6th years old kid how the childbirth process?
shud we tell the plain truth o
just some basics, if they dont ask more and just leave it alone..
guys, help me out here.. hihi:))

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