Saturday, February 25, 2012

:: option ::

today mommy kilija maa.. 
lama dah mommy stop working on saturday.. 
since been busy with my glemer kitchen.. belum siap  lagi jugaks mengemas2.. 
mcmla banyak brg.. ngee:)) byk rubbish ya.. 
mommy a bit type kinda of a keeper's kot.. 
sume barang rase sayang gittew nk buang.. 
but hubby now dah super bising2..
and mommy pon terpaksa  rasa it's about time lorr
to bury all the rubbish.. 

terasa sayu dihati.. frust and give up.. 
why only me care? 
why don't they see the needs of proper documentation.. 
 they want the succeed outcome.. bt they do nothing.. 
tight my hand from do THE CORRECTION
then how???? 
merapu meraban pasal keje di pagi sabtu..
dan arahan baru diterima 
our shop can be operate during lunch hour ONLY.. 

time to think about other options wt lower interest rate .. agency.. (dorangkan bonus byk hahaha gelak jahat)
3.easy payment scheme..
4.servicing or training perhaps..

to be discuss later no..

mood sobing!!!

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