Saturday, January 14, 2012

:: morning saturday ::

selamat pagi malaysia..

pagi ni mommy dipaksa  aqeem bangun awal...hehe:))
hari ini mommy rasa sungguh bersemangat nk melakukan kerja2 pembersihan rumah since every weekend always spent it @office.. i know2x.. I've been so workaholic these years.. but i love it! and trust me it worth it!.
 mommy try do fulfill my entire time thinking about work .and mommy now a manager menjaga to my small store..hehe:))
like hubby said the higher rank we get, the more responsibilities on the shoulders.. dunia akhirat kena jawab ni wey!!.. managing work maybe ok lorr.. but managing people ni alsushah sket.. memacam ragam.. :((

masih juga kerja dalam fikiran but today mommy decided to put it aside and concentrate to my home sweet home. it's been too  looooonggg xdibersihkan.. bukan lagi tongkang pecah dah ni , tapi jadi ntah hape2 tongkang hancur lebur and dah macam kena bom dah ni.. hehe:))

today plan are ...
1. go to UPM pick my sister syakira.. dah berminggu bising2 asking mommy to go and take all her belonging's since semester break are on now.. must clear the dorm..
2. then heading ti low yatt plaza. my other sister atikah at kg aka UITM mache.. plaks ORDER laptop.. not just ordering with air liur maa .. hehe:)) student these day are so very rich naa.. had transfer the money to syakira to buy her a laptop and bring home this coming CNY.
3.a friend invited mommy to her kenduri kesyukuran. a gud friend. since so long not seing each other so this is the opportunity for re-u jugakla..
4. so far itu aje.. these not include any mega mall or mega store that we'd like to measured..hehe:))

see.. how tiny little time i had to do the cleaning work kan??.. hehe:)) alasan..
so very banyak sgt benda nk dibuat.. tapi itulah kehidupan
tetap perlu diteruskan samaada dirancang atau tidak, suka atau duka, cukup masa atau lebih masa..
everything must go on. day will past by.. 
so marilah kita fikir2kanlah..
do not compromise with life doing something we will regret later..
find ourselves.. be ourselves

itu aje.. repekan pagi sabtu.. jgn jemu ya..
wassalam. chiow!

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