Sunday, January 8, 2012

:: 2012 resolution ::

this 2012 mommy so very busy.. sampai xsempat nk fikir apa azam untuk tahun ini.. tapi yang pasti everything doing so very well for mommy.. its a gud start for mommy and a gud start for aqeem too..
this new year mommy been promoted and definitely with a new paycheck this month right?.. hehe:))

so for year 2012 ni my resolution are
1. mommy want to be more cheerful.. since the black cloud is moving away.. for sure a bright day all over this new year.. Insya Allah!
2. by hook or by crook.. its a must cannot be an alternative for mommy to get conceive and tambah anak this year.. twin hopefully.. hahaha:)) doa2kanlah ya dear friends!
3. i want to learn how to be a gud person.. gud boss, gud staff, gud wife, gud mother, gud daughter, gud sister and gud friend.. dgn erti kata lain.. jgn cepat panas baran.. learn to know why i have been created in the first place..

itu sahaja untuk tahun 2012 ini. semoga akan tercapai.



Ietams said...

selamat tahun baru!
semoga impian tercapai semuanya.. =)

bondaqeem said...

Thank you dear.
selamat tahun baru untuk awak jugaks..
Insya Allah. doa2kanlah ya ieta..