Wednesday, December 9, 2009

:: jom smile ::

entering another day of my life... always about me searching and waiting and wanting and everything.. still couldn't find any of any that interest me so much in life except my son... the one and only thing encouraging me to fixed all the damages in me... am hardly trying to find old me to adapted to the new me.. are they still can be collaborate together? o always gonna be separating and me of course have to live with the split personality? huhuhhu:) one strugling to be the best in everything, trying and trying.. but the other one keep falling me down to be so disability, so giving up, so angry,so mad, so frustrated,and definitely always dissatisfied in everything..

but today i am feeling much much better.. even do not know how long its gonna last but am enjoyed every moment of it now.. let go all of the anxious and now a big smiles in my cute face.. hehe:) cute kan?? wehehehe:P

daa! tata.

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