Saturday, September 5, 2009

:: saturday::

till now still aqeem xnk minum susu.. really do not know what todo.. also have no one to share with.. huhu:(. trying so hard to be a gud mommy to him.. but sometimes i feel like i failed myself.. but deep inside i try mybest.. i think! just it still not enough..

tapikan bcoz xmenyusu so aqeem makan banyak sket dr biasa.. 1 year 10 months dah xmenyusu.. its that normal?.. have to bring him to pediatric kot..since i have no where to refer and .. so much things in my mind.. cant really think clearly now..

and kak nik dok nyibuk.. nak buat entry pon payah..

oklah.. amek!

daa.. dear! muahks!!!!!

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